Your First Choice for Fly Screens Solutions

Welcome to Freedom Retractable Screens Perth. We are proud to be your number one choice for innovative insect screening solutions of many homes in Western Australia.

Freedom Retractable Screens is an Australian owned and operated fly screen manufacturing company. Our specialty is supplying a variety of fly and insect screens for multiple types of doors and windows e.g. retractable screens for bifold doors, stacking doors, French doors, sliding doors, double glazed door and windows, roller doors and magnetic screens, and many more.

*** We can manufacture retractable screens up to 9 metres wide! ***

High Technology Screens for Doors

We design and manufacture a wide range of screens to fit different types of doors. As home design and trend change, Australians choose different kinds of doors to match their personal preferences.

Many homes opt for the basic hinged doors while others choose French doors to compliment the elegant look of the house. Bi-Fold and Stacking doors are also popular for their versatility and their ability to add a modern feels to the home design.

Different rooms and areas of the house also require different kinds of doors.

For the living areas connecting to the balcony or patio, bifold doors or French doors would be perfect to bring the outdoors in and make your lounging areas look more spacious, and the routine response is to install fixed fly-screens on windows and mesh sliding doors on standard-sized doorways. However, this would detract from the clean lines and style of the development. Freedom Screens offers a unique feature which hides the flyscreen when the screens are retracted. The feature creates a non impeded view as you look from one space to the other, complimenting the internal design of each room.

When the weather gets warmer, everyone loves to open the doors to let fresh air in, but no one wants insects and flies. Unfortunately, flies and insects enjoy the warm weather as much as we do as you will notice countless of them around this time of the year.

With our products, you can be sure the enjoyment you derive from the nice, cool breeze and the bright sunshine from outdoors is still there without letting any annoying pests or airborne debris in.

We design our screens to fit French doors, bifold doors, stacking doors, sliding doors and roller doors, as well as other types of openings. We also offer a wide variety of finishes to match your home decor. Browse through our pages for more information.

Window Screen Solutions

For windows, we can offer either pull down screens or magnetic screens.

Our pull down screens are very popular as they retract away when not in use, ensuring the clean lines of your home are not compromised, and magnetic screens are made to be flexible and magnetically sealed against the windows with near invisibility. They blend well with different types of window and easy to detach and clean.

If you are looking for a significant decrease in electricity use, considering getting the new Smartblind with block-out mesh. Your house will be kept warm during winter and cool during summer.

By installing fly screens on your windows and doors, you will save even more money during warmer months as you can open the windows and utilise the natural light and let the breeze in to create a comfortable temperature inside the house without relying on the power-consuming air conditioner.

Our Standard of Quality

We design and manufacture our products with high standard of quality. All of them offer exactly what you are looking for when you need some good insect screens.

A good insect screen should be:

  • Made from strong material that will create durability throughout the seasons.
  • Able to screen and block mosquitoes, flies, including other bugs and airborne pest and debris from entering the house/building.
  • Nearly invisible without obstructing the view from both outside and inside.
  • Easy to install with existing surfaces.
  • Easy to remove and clean.

All of our products are guaranteed to last and endure the harsh Australian climate so you can be certain that they will be worth every dollar you spend. Do not waste your time and money on the cheap products that will fall apart quickly. The amount savings you make from buying cheap products is not worth the time and money you have to spend to get them repaired or replaced.

Think Of Us The Next Time You Need Fly Screens

Just remember our name the next time you are looking for screens to protect your house from annoying insects. Those flying insects are not just a nuisance, they pose health risk to you and your family members.

Flies carry several types of germs that cause diseases. Same goes for the mosquitoes. You can get some serious illness such as dengue fever from getting bitten by them. Beside these two, there are other bugs and airborne fluff that should not be allowed to get inside your house.

Cottonwood seeds and pollen are flying everywhere during the spring and summer time and it is best to keep them out of your house, especially if you and/or your household members suffer from springtime allergy or asthma.

Leave it to us to help you with doors and window screens requirements. Our extensive experience and expertise in the industry is hard to beat.

Since 1999, we continue to improve our products with new technology and innovation to maintain and enhance our customer satisfaction. We believe in the quality and value of our products and proudly offer 5-year warranty.

We do not just offer great products, our customer service is second-to-none. Our well trained staff holds a professional industry knowledge and they are able to give you useful advices and recommendations.

We manufacture our products in Perth, and distribute them to most country areas in Western Australia through our 18 distributers state wide.

Contact us on 9244 7436 for free measure and quote.

Our professional team is more than happy to help you and answer all your questions.


Image - single insect screen.
The Freedom single insect screen is perfect for small doorways with very limited space for a normal swinging screen door.
Image - Double insect screen.
The Freedom double screen discreetly screen wider openings such as Bi-fold Doors & larger openings.
Image - Infinity retractable screen.
The Freedom Infinity Retractable Screen is a new in our product range. This highly-requested screen is ideal for large doors & windows.
Image - Pull Down Flyscreen
Screening servery windows easily with the Freedom Pull Down Flyscreen. Just simply lift the screen to pass food, then lower to keep insects out.
Image - Magnetic Screens
Flexible and almost invisible, Magnetic Screens provide easy access and blend beautifully for casement, awning, or hopper windows.
Image - Pleated Screens
Pleated screens provide a great way for screening of extremely large openings. They are easy to operate with good-looking design and extra duration with wind resistant quality.